Removal of faucet handle removal method of faucet handle
  • Date:2020-03-04
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1. Method 1: first, close the main water valve, and then put a red and blue mark about 8mm on the handle of the faucet. Then, use a slotted screwdriver to loosen the fixed screw anticlockwise, take down the handle, use a monkey wrench to open the valve core of the faucet, use a wrench to open the upper part of the gland, and take out the ceramic valve core inside.

2. Method 2: first, close the main water valve. You can insert a screwdriver under the handle of the faucet and pry it up left and right. You need to pry it up at the same time and slowly, with even and stable force, so that the valve core can be removed.

3. Method 3: first, close the main water valve, unscrew the blue cover on the right handle, loosen the screws inside with a cross screwdriver, take off the handle, and the valve core will be exposed, and then screw the valve core out with a spanner wrench.

Before installation, the faucet shall be cleaned first. Before installation, the water shall be flushed to wash the sediment and impurities in the water pipe, remove the impurities in the installation hole, and check that the accessories in the packing box are not mixed with impurities, so as to avoid blocking or wearing the ceramic valve core. When connecting the left hot water and the right cold water pipe, remember that the left side is hot water and the right side is cold water. The distance between the two pipes is 100mm- 200mm. Remove the faucet after fixing the position of the water inlet joint, and install the faucet after the wall plastering is completed, so as to prevent the surface coating of the faucet from being worn and scratched. Be sure to thoroughly flush the water supply pipe to remove impurities from the pipe. If a new washbasin is to be installed, the faucet and drainage unit can be assembled on the washbasin first to check the water supply pipe for damage and water separation. If necessary, it can be replaced and repaired. Observe local pipe installation regulations.
The handle of the faucet is like a switch. If the handle is broken, the faucet will not work normally, and the water will not flow out and close smoothly. So we must dismantle the handle in time when it is broken. After the removal, reinstall the new handle. In this way, the handle of the faucet can be changed back to the original and serve for everyone's water supply again.


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