Consumer Voice: We want such sanitary products
  • Date:2022-12-13
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The formation of the market depends on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. In exchange for goods of equal value and use value, the seller gets the value, that is, money. The seller gets the use value, that is, the product. In this exchange activity of mutual benefit and win-win results, a market has been formed. The same is true of the bathroom market. If dealers want to make better profits, they must fully grasp what kind of products buyers need, and the buyers are also trying to express their needs and get more profits with limited money. Next, let's take a look at the things that both sides care about. The buyer, that is, what kind of products consumers need.
Dealers may sometimes have such confusion. Why do I think my product is unique among similar products, but the sales volume still keeps rising. What's the problem? Consumers sometimes go back and forth in the store and think again and again, and finally they can only return without success. They must underestimate why there are so many products, but there is no one I want. What kind of products can hit consumers' pain points? Behind this, what are those words that can be said but haven't been said?
1. Good appearance
The previous household products were almost purely for practicality. It is to use things well, that is, good products. Now, with the improvement of living standards and people's requirements for the quality of life, it is no longer easy to capture consumers' hearts just by using things that are easy to use, which does not mean that consumers have become blind "appearance associations", but a good appearance really determines consumers' first impression of products to a large extent. Only with a good impression can they have the motivation and motivation to continue to understand. Therefore, when designing products, dealers should pay attention to the sense of body.
2. Excellent quality
A variety of products flooded the market. The material market has already reached a saturation level. In order to obtain more benefits, many unscrupulous businesses are willing to reduce costs to obtain greater black profits. Last year, safety accidents happened one after another due to the quality problems of sanitary products, which also sounded an alarm for many dealers. Although the essential purpose of doing business is really to make money, people should not lose their conscience at any time. We should pursue our own profits on the premise of ensuring the quality of our products. To be a qualified businessman is the right way to do business.
3. High cost performance
Although the number and variety of products seem to have changed, few can give consideration to both quality and price. The consumption of young people seems to be more casual and even impulsive than that of the older generation. However, all consumption is not irrational and temporary. In fact, they will still be considered carefully. After all, no matter how many generations have changed after several years, no matter how much money there is, it is certainly easier to stand out in more products by giving consideration to both price and quality. In fact, consumption in modern society only seems to be casual, but in fact, it has more necessary thinking. Impulsive consumption is only a small number, and quality and quantity are the key to determine sales and win consumers' favor.
4. Green and environmental protection
The fast-paced life brings high quality of life, but it also accelerates the deterioration of the living environment. In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has always been put on the top of the agenda, but it is too complicated to solve. It can not be eradicated in a short time. It is really a hard battle. All industries and enterprises have joined the large queue of environmental protection. Only in this way can we optimize the environment as soon as possible. In particular, environmental protection has long been a social topic. Both men and women, young and old, are increasingly concerned about whether their actions or choices will cause environmental burdens. Therefore, green sanitary products have gradually become the favorite of the product market. Although I don't know how much my choice can improve the environmental optimization points, I always try my best to be satisfied both mentally and objectively.
5. Personalized customization
The rise of the younger generation of consumers has brought about such unique but necessary needs as personalization. Material abundance has even spread. Every time I go to the home store, there are many kinds of products, which are too dazzling to choose, but the more I see, the more I feel the same, without any special features. The bathroom is an indispensable room in the home, so the decoration and layout can't be vague. From the general overall style to the detailed bathroom hardware decoration style, it has become the focus of consumers. How to highlight their personality has become a demand consumers are destined to consider when purchasing products.
Custom home has gradually become the mainstream, and the bathroom market has naturally stood on the cusp of this trend. Only by rapid transformation and realizing personalized customized bathroom as far as possible, can we keep up with the trend of the times and satisfy consumers.
In the final analysis, no matter what kind of evolution and transformation, it is still for consumer satisfaction. Therefore, listen to the voice of consumers more in order to make more appropriate sanitary products.

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