Bathroom design style presents a global trend
  • Date:2022-06-20
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Nowadays, when designing sanitary ware products, designers have to consider more and more factors, such as what kind of home style is popular recently, what type of sanitary ware products are favored by foreign consumers, how to integrate the material selection and style, etc. with the strengthening of globalization, the sanitary ware design style also presents a trend of globalization.
The global design style is gradually transitioning to classical and modern style
With the development of the Internet, the interactive communication of information is faster and faster, and the design styles around the world are more and more integrated. We can see that the nostalgic style is gradually transiting to the classical and modern style, and the color has become vague and moderate, making the overall design more intimate and peaceful. In the design, the shining colors fade gradually, and the soft colors are slowly coming. These unique colors and subtle colors achieve a balance and harmony.
Geometric element refresh plumbing design space layout
The rise and development of geometric elements to today, from simple and tough, to the continuous exploration of spatial geometry, which shows a wealth of changes, and a variety of geometric tile patterns rise. The geometric three-dimensional space structure, as well as the micro natural geometric texture reflected by the arrangement of cells or molecules in the micro environment, have brought unexpected visual impact to the bathroom product design, and also incorporated the overall bathroom space layout into the separate bathroom design.
Global cultural integration enriches the design types of sanitary products
With the closer integration of economy and the deep penetration of the Internet, the impact of globalization has entered a deeper level of human life. Due to the accelerated flow of people and information, cultural factors in different regions have been spread to places that could not be reached before, resulting in many experimental directions and breakthroughs. African style, Neo romanticism, Oriental Zen, Persian culture, and even the ideas generated by the mixing of some more minority cultural elements have quickly appeared in various product directions and combined to form the whole of global art. Bathroom design also presents colorful designs following these cultural integration elements.
The concept of green environmental protection is becoming more and more abundant
The concept of environmental protection has been mentioned more and more, which is not only the deepening of public awareness of environmental protection, but also the continuous implementation of environmental protection policies issued by various countries. The theme design of recycling and environmental protection still maintains the corresponding heat and is constantly evolving. The basic traditional raw materials, such as natural logs, rough linen, original hemp rope and coarse cloth stripe lattice, continue the simple and beautiful natural style, dominate the development of the theme of green environmental protection, and embody a kind of primitive aesthetics. The primary color application of galvanized iron sheet, copper and other metal materials is rising, bringing more creative space for the design of environmental protection themed products.

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